Disclosure Policy

All of the content and photos on this blog are my own original content, unless marked otherwise.

All products featured on my blog have been purchased by myself, unless otherwise stated. All PR samples and gifted products are marked with a *, and sponsored reviews have a disclaimer. My thoughts and opinions are always 100% honest.

On occasions, I am approached to collaborate and review products from companies. I only work with companies which I believe are cohesive with my youtube channel and blog. I only ever recommend products which I genuinely enjoy using and would purchase with my own money. 

Gifted products are not guaranteed a mention on my blog, I only review/discuss products that I believe are suited to me, and that would benefit my readers.

I support the Independant Blogging Fair Compensation Manifesto the which believes a blogger should be fairly compensated if we are asked to do the following things:

  • Asked to write a post that is clearly promotional, NOT editorial… even if our readers might benefit
  • Asked to make specific endorsements to increase sales and/or for promotions with specific terms
  • Asked to publish specific text or specific links in a post during a specific time frame
  • Asked for anything that will be sold for money ie – photos for book
  • Asked for expert in-depth opinion about products or services
  • Asked for contacts, specialized lists of bloggers that might help a brand

Possible Product Placements

  • A video on Eila's YouTube Channel purely on gifted products + Links in description.
  • A placement and/ or mention on a video on Eila's YouTube Channel + Links in description
  • A Blog post dedicated solely on gifted items including links.
  • Further Promotion on Eila's Social Media (Instagram, Twitter & Facebook)

Business email: theblushingbrunettes@gmail.com

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