Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Review & Swatches ♡ Ulta 3 Lip Paints*

Hello guys! Today I have another review and swatch post for you, this time on the Ulta 3 Lip Paints*. Ulta 3 is one of my all time favourite Australian beauty brands, so when I was offered the opportunity to try out some of their Lip Paints, I couldn't possibly say no!

The Ulta 3 Lip Paint range consists of 6 shades; Extreme Pink, Expressive Fuchsia, Radical Red, Electric Orange, Long Purple, and Manic Mauve. I love the colour range for this product, as they have a mixture of wearable and bright shades. At this stage I only have two of the lovely shades, Manic Mauve and Radical Red, but I know that I will definitely be picking up more shades in the future!

What I love the most about these Lip Paints, is the way that they feel on your lips. They are incredibly pigmented, and as they contain vitamin E, they feel extremely soft and moisturising. Unlike many other liquid lipstick products that I have tried out, these do not dry matte. In my opinion, this is fantastic! I personally do not like most matte lip products, as I find them to be quite drying on my lips, and would much prefer a creamy lip product. Thankfully, this is exactly what the Ulta 3 Lip Paints are.

This product does have quite a strong menthol, minty scent. This is because the product contains peppermint oil. I really enjoy the scent, as I find it to be quite refreshing, but if you are quite sensitive to scents, then you may not enjoy it.

This product is stored in a 7ml squeeze tube, and is applied with a doe foot applicator.

L-R: Radical Red and Manic Mauve

In terms of lasting power and longevity, I find that these lip paints last 2-3 hours, before the glossiness and intense pigmentation starts to fade, and it turns into more of a stain. This does mean that you would want to reapply throughout the day, but another perk to this product is that it can be easily layered without getting streaky or patchy.

These Ulta 3 Lip Paints can be purchased from Terry White Chemists, as well as other 
select pharmacies across Australia. They retail for $5.95 AUD.

L-R: Radical Red and Manic Mauve

Overall, I really like these Ulta 3 Lip Paints, and will definitely be buying more shades in the future! I am so impressed with the rich pigmentation, soft texture and great longevity.

Have you tried these lip paints yet? If so, what colour would you recommend for me to pick up next?

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Products marked with a * were provided for consideration, but as per usual, all opinions & thoughts are my own. 

Eila xo


  1. Oh wow these look amazing & so affordable! x

    1. I know right! Also, thanks for reading gorgeous! ♡

  2. That red shade is so beautiful!